Safe, Reliable, Durable American-Made Products


CPI's state of the art manufacturing facility, based in Kyle Texas, gives our company the capability to design & manufacture products customized for your needs

Our 30+ years of experience in manufacturing gives us the capability to create custom products.

CPI Amusement has the know-how, equipment and knowledgable staff to repair your items and get you back up and running

CPI Amusement has the capability and know-how to not only manufacture products for the Amusement and Water park industry but also to repair those products. Whether it's one of our rafts, sleds or river rapids collar or one from another manufacturer, we have the experience and knowledge needed to complete repairs on our products or theirs. CPI Amusement takes pride on helping our customers with their needs, which includes going the extra mile by evaluating and repairing, if repairable, any item that is sent to us, whether it's one of ours, or one from another manufacturer.


CPI Marine is a premier supplier and repairer of RIB Collars and Inflatables for the Marine Industry

CPI Marine has the knowledge and experience to create RIB collars or inflatables to fit a variety of Marine and Light duty commercial watercraft. CPI's experience in this industry has helped us become a leader is supplying products to the Military, harbor and marina patrols, law enforcement, water salvage companies and individuals wanting a product to protect their light-duty workboats. CPI Marine has the capability and knowledge to repair these RIB collars and inflatables. Our repair facility has state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgable staff to complete any repairs in a timely and cost-effective manner, thus allowing minimal down-time for your craft.


P-Ayr products, another division of CPI, is a the number one manufacturer of replica engines.

We make engines that don't run. This isn't just our catchphrase, it's a fact. P-Ayr products has been manufacturing plastic replica engines for 20+ years. These engines are used in mock-ups, display, custom builds and teaching enviroments. P-Ayr replica engines are made to OEM specs so all bolt-holes and connection points are "spot-on" which makes bolting stock or aftermarket products, for testing, display, teaching or mock-ups, onto the engine work just like the real thing. The only difference is, the builder or creator isn't lugging around a large heavy block. These lightweight replicas make display, building, teaching or designing a lot easier on your wallet and your back!!!


CPI's flag division, Pageantry World, is a premier flag, banner and hardware supplier.

Pageantry World has been in the flag and banner business for 40+ years and when it comes to flags, there's no better source. The company was started as a small family business and has grown to become one of the foremost flag suppliers in the US and abroad. Pageantry World has an array of products to fit your flag, banner, pole and hardware needs. Whether it's a standard US flag or a custom sized or design flag, Pageantry World has what you need.


CPI Rubber Molding manufactures custom molded rubber products for a variety of applications

Contact CPI Rubber Molding to discuss the ways we can help you with your molded rubber product needs. CPI Rubber Molding uses a variety of rubber for product applications. Let us know how we can help you with your needs.